On the 5th day of Christmas

On the fifth day of Christmas, Rausch gave to me… 5¬†caffeine cookers,
4 production artists,
3 LED walls,
2 new conference rooms,
and a video camera in a home office!

It should be no surprise to any person that reads this, has seen our Facebook page or received a newsletter, that caffeine is a big deal to us around here. It’s not just the stimulating nature of the beverage, but it’s the ritual of the cup. Brewing in our Keurig (one of the two) is usually where the first meetings of the day occur. Katie, our project coordinator and Barista extraordinaire, also offers clients lattes when they arrive. And because electric teapots, Keurig machines and latte makers aren’t enough, we’re also armed with a french press for those special occasions. We like to make sure we’re taking care of each other and can always answer the response to “Can I get you something?”. Our five caffeine cookers help us accomplish that, and a lot more, daily.

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