On the 11th day of Christmas

On the eleventh┬áday of Christmas, Rausch gave to me… 11 Rausch employees,
10 worked-in countries,
a 9 month old shop dog,
8 A.M. powwows,
7 heavy haulers,
6 collaboration stations,
5 caffeine cookers,
4 production artists,
3 LED walls,
2 new conference rooms,
and a video camera in a home office!

Joined together by the desire to do something new and creative every day, our team is comprised of engineers, artists, videographers, event planners, technicians, sales and elbow grease. Our new website showcases a little bit about each person, and shows off some of the results of their hard work. Without all of these people, it’s possible there wouldn’t be a “12 Days of Rausch Christmas”- eeek!

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