Wired Production Group Team Member Highlight: Billy Peifer

Billy Peifer has a long history with Wired Production Group. Dedicated, loyal, knowledgeable, fun, kind-hearted, hard-working…These are just a few words that describe our Billy P.

Billy is our Operations Manager and he takes his title very seriously. He manages all operations of the Wired Production Group warehouse. He is on top of every piece of equipment that comes in and out of our building. He is aware of every person who steps through our doors. He smiles at every truck that pulls up and welcomes the driver with a happy “Hello!” He always has our trucks and trailers packed for our events, day or night, rain or shine. He’s like Superman to us!

There have been moments where our team is stumped and they need an opinion or an extra set of hands. Billy never hesitates to step up to the plate and tackle whatever comes across his desk. This includes many Amazon packages (we think he’s addicted to online shopping.)

When he is not working, he enjoys spending time with his family, golfing, going to movies and enjoying an ice cold beverage with his friends. He’s a wicked awesome cook and spends his weekends performing in his band, “On The Virg with Billy P,” around the Cedar Rapids area. Our Wired Production Group team enjoys his talents, both on and off the clock.

When we asked Billy why he loves his job, he responded, “…because I love the action! I live by a work hard, play hard mantra and this career also gives me that freedom and flexibility. If we aren’t rocking, I’m golfing!” Ain’t it true, Mr. P. We know you very well.

In the famous words of P!NK, “Come on and raise your glass…” to Billy Peifer! Thank you for your commitment to the Wired Production Group team.


Here’s what others have to say about Billy Peifer…

“Mr. Billy P! One of the ‘originals’ (way back in the day) when Nate had the 16th Avenue Music store on 16th Avenue in Czech Village. After a short hiatus, he returned to 16th Avenue Music Productions…and the rest is history! A loyal employee with a plethora of knowledge just makes up part of who he is. Always our ’go to’ guy when something is needed and has a great rapport with our clients and his peers.” – Kim Klein, Office Manager

“Billy has a singular customer/show focus. His attention to detail, willingness to help and his insights and suggestions make our events run smoother. Billy is a powerful asset to Wired.” – Bruce Bingman, Client Account Manager

“If you look up Billy Peifer in the dictionary, it would say he is a man of many talents and he is the nicest, most hard-working man that you will meet in this field.” – Mike Mennen, Sr. Production Manager

“Billy Billy Billy, I have known and worked with Billy for over a decade. He is always smiling and ready for any question I may ask. He likes to have fun and always gets the job done. We like a lot of the same music. Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit in particular inspired us to make our maiden voyage to Red Rocks in Colorado. ‘It’s the perfect night for an evening!’ as Billy says. Love this guy.” – Rob Silver, Production Specialist Engineer

“What can I say about Billy? He’s just a really great guy. When I first started with the company, he made me feel welcome. He makes me want to be awesome at my job. His presence and direction motivates us to be the best we can be as he has such a high standard for our team.” – Bandi Arp, Warehouse Associate/Truck Driver

“He’s a swell guy. Billy is easy to get along with, he’s polite, he’s handy, he knows how to hold a conversation, and he likes coming to work every day.” – Alton Perkins, Warehouse Equipment Manager

“Not only does he have a contagiously likable personality, but Billy is a critical part under the hood that keeps the Wired Production Group engine running smoothly. You don’t know it, but Billy has been the unsung hero of many a gig. His long-standing career with the company is a source of invaluable insight that’s paired with a strong commitment to excellence.” – Aaron Wells, COO

“Bill has been with 16th Avenue Music since its inception in 1992, making him the company’s longest tenured employee. His positive attitude and willingness to do ‘whatever it takes’ have helped him excel with the company and in the production industry. Bill doesn’t let things get him down and encourages everyone around him in a positive way. When you’re chest deep in festival season and you need everyone giving their all, Bill Peifer is the guy you want on your team! Everybody has their downside and, unfortunately, Bill is a Chicago Bears Fan.” – Nate Hines, Executive Vice President

“Billy is the master of grilling, a gifted musician, and the keeper of all things gear. Being one who manages millions of dollars in assets for the company, he keeps his pulse on every project to make sure that our techs always have what they need. His attention to detail and organization makes our job easy. From keeping the shop clean to the trucks loaded and inventory in check, Bill has the knack of remembering details that others would forget. He has maintained many great relationships with our customers over the years that keep them coming back. Bill’s dedication to the company and its’ mission makes him a valuable member of our team and it’s a pleasure to have him on our team.” – Ron Rausch, CEO