Employee Highlight Reel | May 2018 | Alton Perkins

Wired Production Group Team Member Highlight: Alton Perkins

The event production industry is often frantic, stressful and full of deadlines. Alton Perkins is the Warehouse Equipment Manager at Wired Production Group in Cedar Rapids, IA. He helps keep our event planning services and production services running smoothly. If there is a piece of equipment for a trade show, corporate conference, fashion show, festival, or any type of special event in the building, Alton can tell you exactly where it is and what it does. He knows how to pack it, load it and get it to where it needs to be on time. He is the sunshine of our office and has many traits that we admire. Here are just a few that we’d like to highlight…

 – Action-Oriented: Alton takes every chance that presents itself. If there is something to be done, Alton jumps right in. He is confident and manages his workload well.

 – Ambitious: He makes the most out of every day. Alton is dedicated to our company and is a great leader by example for our team. He encourages innovation through his actions every day.

 – Animated: When Alton walks into a room, he makes everyone smile. His positive energy and attitude is absolutely contagious. His laugh makes everyone want to laugh, too.  

Alton’s self-confidence plays a large part in the success of our event planning and audio and visual production company. He is confident with our clients and makes sure their needs are met. It is his goal to exceed their expectations at every event our production company manages. For our staff, he provides a fresh and energetic start to every day and keeps our team going — even if the going gets rough. He creates an environment that is enjoyable for everyone involved in our event production team’s efforts.

He has been a part of the Wired Production Group team since April 2012. While he calls Cedar Rapids, Iowa, home, Alton has lived in Illinois, Arkansas and North Carolina. He is one of twelve children in his family with seven brothers and four sisters. He has three children of his own. He is passionate about his family. He also served in our United States Army from 1984 to 1988, then continued in the National Guard until 1997. We can’t thank him enough for what he does for our Wired Production Group team on a daily basis — and we also want to thank him for his service to our country. You are our hero, Alton Perkins!


Here’s what others have to say about Alton…

Alton is always the first to offer a helping hand or a cheesy smile. He’s one of the friendliest guys around!” – Ian Miller, Audio Engineer

“Great worker. Dedicated to his warehouse and his team. Always willing to help and knows where everything is at — it’s amazing! Not too often that he’s not smiling! If it’s quiet in the building, just wait a few minutes and you’ll hear him start singing. It improves everyone’s day!” – Bandi Arp, Truck Driver / Warehouse Associate

“Alton is everyone’s favorite person, including me! Not only does he run a tight ship in the warehouse, but he wears many hats. He is always quick to lend a hand or help out with anything and everything when needed. He is the master at ‘cookie sandwiches’ and makes you believe that they are really good! His contagious smile and laughter always brightens up the day!”  – Kim Klein, Office Manager

“Alton is awesome! A great man and the first person to jump up whenever needed and afraid of no task…if only we could get him to come out of his shell a little bit. His overall shyness is his only fault….. :)” – Billy Peifer, Operations Manager

“Alton’s work ethic is wicked strong. He never misses a beat. Our clients love him, our team loves him and our families love him. We’re really lucky to have him as part of our Wired Production Group family. He means a lot to us.” – Nicole Schroeder, Marketing Project Coordinator

“Hard worker, dependable and helps out on anything you ask to him to help you with. He is also a foodie!” – Mike Mennen, Sr. Production Manager

“Alton is our X factor. He’s the guy behind the scenes that’s always there, always willing to help and does it with a smile on his face and a laugh in his belly. It’s hard to be in a bad mood around him. If you ever need a pick me up, Alton is the man to do it.” – Josh Busche, Director of Photography/Creative Producer

“What can I say about Alton other than everyone loves him. My kids talk about Alton all the time and our family would be lost without him. I have not met a vendor, partner, customer or employee who does not remember him and tell me how great he is. Alton is always willing to lend a hand in whatever needs to be done. He is a true team player. I know I can always count on him to do what it takes to reach our goals. He is loyal, big hearted, funny and overall great to be around. His commitment to the company is unparalleled and his positive attitude is unmatched. I am grateful to have him on our team and look forward to seeing him every day. Thank you for all you do to make things happen and your willingness to do so.” – Ron Rausch, CEO

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