Jumbotrons: Get Your Tailgate Big Screen Rental For The Best Football Experience

The countdown to football season is on! It’s time to start thinking about your tailgate party plans, including how you’re going to watch the big games. LED screens (or “jumbotrons”) make you and your party guests feel like you’re part of the game! Everyone who watches football wants to watch it on the biggest screen they can find. There is absolutely nothing better than watching the game live on a giant screen that is crystal clear — whether you’re indoors or outdoors.

So how do you provide that great vivid, live-action experience to your football party guests? Mobile LED screens are the best option for your tailgate party.

Watch football games on a mobile LED screen

Pump Up Your Pre-Game with Mobile LED Screens

Create the ultimate tailgate experience with a high-resolution picture and incredible audio. When you bring a mobile LED screen to your tailgating event, you won’t miss a minute of the starting line-up, latest player updates, instant replays and game day stats. You can even customize the size of your big screen TV to the size you need to accommodate your guests and space.

Bring a mobile LED screen to your next party or event

Watch The Big Game on a Big LED Screen

Your guests will absolutely love watching their favorite football team on a big LED screen that makes the game look larger than life! Your big LED screen rental is perfect for high school sports to Super Bowl Sunday. Don’t make your guests crowd around a small TV on the backyard patio or in your crammed living room. Bring in the best LED screen to create the fun memories with your friends and family.

Mobile LED Screen Rentals Let You Bring Your Events To Life

The After-Party with Your Giant LED Screen

So what do you do after the game with your mobile LED screen? Continue to party on! If you’re having a corporate event or party, these big screens can be used to play sponsor videos, advertisements, or even a live feed from your event. If you’re together with friends, you can watch a movie or share memories with your friends by watching home movies or videos. When you rent a jumbotron, be sure to make the most out of your game day event!

Why Can’t I Just Use a Big Screen TV For My Event? Or Use a Projection Screen?

Big screen TVs and projection screens are both options for certain events, but there are more limitations to when and where you can use them. While big screen TVs and projection screens offer a larger viewing experience, the quality of the picture often is not the best. For instance, while you can get a good picture indoors, they are not effective during daylight hours and they are typically meant for indoor use. They are lower in brightness and do not give people the viewing experience they expect in traditional outdoor tailgate parties. Mobile LED screens are ideal for any occasion and ensure the best viewing experience for everyone.

Mobile LED screens are available for rent across the United States. So take your viewing experience anywhere with mobile LED screens. If you’re looking to plan the ultimate tailgate or event, contact the professionals.

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